Nature's Symphony in Amalsad: A Day of Avian Marvels

Amalsad, a true haven for birdwatchers, offered a captivating display of avian life during our visit. At the break of dawn, we witnessed a mesmerizing sight - a cluster of Oriental Turtle-Doves elegantly perched atop the towering trees, their soft cooing harmonizing with the gentle breeze.

Oriental Turtle-Doves

Venturing into the grasslands, our attention was quickly drawn to the vibrant Red-whiskered Bulbul, its distinctive call resonating across the landscape as it flitted about, seemingly engaged in a ceaseless quest for hidden treasures.

Red-whiskered Bulbul

 Meanwhile, the Bronze-winged Jacana moved gracefully through the lush grass, herding its fluffy chicks for a foraging adventure.

Bronze-winged Jacana

In the midst of this avian panorama, the Black-breasted Weaver family demonstrated their mastery of grassland cuisine, diligently plucking sustenance from the verdant surroundings. 

Black-breasted Weaver

Black-breasted Weaver

Black-breasted Weaver

Not far away, a male Greater Painted-Snipe engaged in a solitary pursuit, wading in a small water hole, alongside the graceful Indian Pond Heron. Their harmonious coexistence was a testament to nature's intricate balance.

The melodious calls of the Pale-billed Flowerpecker resonated through the air, as it meticulously preened and declared its presence. 

Pale-billed Flowerpecker

Nearby, a Purple-rumped Sunbird indulged in a refreshing bath on a banana tree's leaves, occasionally sipping the precious droplets, a splendid show of nature's design.

Our next encounter was with a Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, a master of precision, darting through the sky to capture insects on the wing. 

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

Not far away, a Long-tailed Shrike showcased both its hunting prowess and quirky post-meal habit - rubbing its bill on a tree branch, leaving a mark of its successful catch.

Long-tailed Shrike

As we moved closer to the water's edge, an Ashy Prinia exhibited its swift and agile movements, skillfully navigating the grass with its family in tow. On the pond, a majestic Grey Heron stood tall, sipping from the tranquil waters, sharing space with the elegant Northern Shoveler and the bustling Lesser Whistling Duck.

Nature's food chain came alive as a Marsh Harrier made its presence known, its keen eyes scanning the surroundings for an opportunity to catch a meal.

Marsh Harrier

Our day in Amalsad was a reminder of the intricate tapestry of life that unfolds in this idyllic avian sanctuary, where every bird and creature plays a unique role, and every moment is a testament to the beauty and wonder of the natural world.


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