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Common Mormon

3rd April 2016 Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India Nikon D7100 AF-S Nikkor 300mm F/4D IF-ED + AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E f/6.3, 1/1600,iso-1000 Previous                                                                                                                                   Next

Jumping Jacobin

When we were returning from my native place, we saw one Pied Cuckoo perched on wire beside the road. Pied Cuckoo is monsoon visitor to our area. In current season, we heard their call multiple times but do not get chance to photograph them. Naturally, we are happy get opportunity and pull over to take photographs. We observed that Jacobin Cuckoo is literally taking small deliberate jumps on the ground looking for insects and small caterpillars. Several times Caterpillar pressed from end to end to remove the guts before swallowed. Pied Cuckoo is very energetic and little bit dare bird. It came very close to us while busy in hopping and foraging. After some time we leave the Pied Cuckoo to jumping graciously and singing happily, take with us some good memories and lovely shots.  The Jacobin cuckoo, pied cuckoo, or pied crested cuckoo is a member of the cuckoo order of birds that is found in Africa and Asia. It is partially migratory. In India, it has been considered a harbin

Tawny Eagle

I visited many places around Patan district with my friend Dr. Sanjay Dave due to our similar interests. Dr. Sanjay Dave is an ornithologist at HNGU. He always talks about the Vulture at the Vav Panjralpol. Therefore, in this winter we decided to visit Vav village. We started our journey around 7 am.   This was my first experience in this region. We reached at Vav village around 10 am. We try to search for animal carcass disposal area. One of the security guard guides us there. While we inquired about Vultures, I suddenly saw an eagle perched on tree nearby carrion. We were totally unaware of its present. When I locate and trying to take photographs, it’s immediately fly away and perched on electricity pole. As per local people vultures didn’t visited this place from many years. Street dogs took that area. Then almost immediately we turned towards that eagle and recognize it as Tawny Eagle.  Common and widespread, the tawny eagle is a relatively large, handsome bi