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Yellow-footed Green Pigeon

The yellow-footed green pigeon are one of our morning walk bird. Specifically when Cluster fig tree -Gular ,   in our campus are full of fruits. In the early morning, they often seen sunning on the topmost branches of trees. They are looking cute when especially found sitting in couples. It’s a joy to listen them whistling softly as they makes their way backwards and forwards on branches. They are shy birds. But they allow us to take snaps when they are busy with eating figs from Gular tree. We specially love their vivid colored eyes. They are one of the beautiful pigeon. The yellow-footed green pigeon ( Treron phoenicoptera chlorigaster ), also known as yellow-legged green pigeon, is a common species of green pigeon found in the Indian subcontinent. In Gujarati, it is called હરિયલ - Hariyal . They are social birds, normally seen in flocks. They are Arboreal and Frugivorous. As name implies it has yellow legs and feet. Size is around 30-33 cm. Grey head contrasting wi