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Tawny Fish-Owl

  A large brown owl with wide yellow eyes and sideways-drooping ear tufts; rich tawny brown plumage with black mottling unique in its range. Always found in close proximity to rivers or lakes, usually roosting in dense waterside groves by day. Hunts fish from a low perch at dusk and at night. Hunting birds are seldom observed, as they hunt from tangles and other dense vegetation. Other horned owls in range are either much smaller (Long-eared Owl, scops-owls) or much larger (Eurasian Eagle-Owl). Pairs duet, giving 2-3 deep hoots; younger birds beg with higher-pitched screeching calls. (source :

Long-billed Thrush

We are searching for a Eurasian Woodcock but we didn't succeed at a place where we are searching. So we drop the search of Eurasian Woodcock and started our journey towards Mandal. In our journey suddenly one of my friend has shouted stop stop stop he had seen something beside road. That bird foraging typical like Eurasian Woodcock. For a moment we feel like it was a Eurasian Woodcock. When we reached at please we find out that it large gray-brown thrush with an exceptionally long bill. So it was a Long-billed Thrush one of the bird of our wish-list. Long-billed Thrush Zoothera monticola beside road somewher in Uttarakhand, India Feb 2020