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White-bellied Woodpecker - Male

White-bellied Woodpecker (Great Black Woodpecker) Dryocopus javensis - Male Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Dang 2023 Largest woodpecker of Gujarat. Impressive large black woodpecker a white belly and pale eyes. Male has a bright red crest, whereas female has an all-dark one. Large size and mostly black plumage distinguishes this species from any other woodpecker in range. Gives a loud “kyick!” and a prolonged series of “keck” notes. Usually seen on or around tall dead trees both standing and fallen, either singly or in pairs. ------------------------------------ #pankajmaheria #pankajmaheriaphotography ------------------------------------ #whitebelliedwoodpecker #woodpecker #dang #purnawildlifesanctuary