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Cigarette butt Ingestion in Great Tit

Short-toed Snake Eagle and Black Drongo - yaari chhute na

We observed one Short-toed Snake Eagle perched on topmost branch of tree.  It was surrounded by few Black Drongos. First we thought that Black Drongos mobbed the Short-toed Snake Eagle, as they were visibly pecking on its head. But after further observation we noticed some weirdness in situation. Black Drongos were behaving differently. They were not in their usual aggressive mode. Short-toed Snake Eagle seated quietly - unusually calm, if situation was being mobbed by couple of Drongos. Its looks like Black Drongos were picking something turn by turn from Short-toed Snake Eagle’s head. Then we assume Black Drongos may actually removing parasites from Short-toed Snake Eagle head. Whole situation suggested one more example of symbiosis. As Short-toed Snake Eagle is happy to get rid of some parasites and Black Drongos get food in return.  So, its Spa-Time for Short-toed Snake Eagle...!    

Pied Kingfisher

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo

Lesser Kestrel

Montagu's Harrier

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One of the features of a civilized man is that he has hobbies, serious hobbies. From time immemorial man has invented and developed various hobbies ranging from stamp collection to feather collection. Though man has been a social animal for a long time, the primeval instinct in his has not died. We yearn and long to be close to nature. There are a few hobbies that give us an opportunity to do so. One such hobby is bird-watching. It might seem simple to read the word and guess that it is very easy to watch the birds. But it is not what it seems. It needs a lot of dedication, determination and consistency to master ‘the art of bird-watching.’ It takes years of patience and perseverance to be a good birdwatcher. What you choose as your hobby is not as important as to what hobby chooses you. You have to be the chosen one.   Dr. Pankaj Maheria, a Professor at GMERS Medical College, Valsad (South Gujarat) is one such Chosen One. Birds have chosen him as a medium between their worl