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Yellow-wattled Lapwing

Yellow-wattled Lapwing is permanent resident in our region. Here they found in open fields, scrubs and dry patches around riverbed or canals. They prefer deserted area as habitat thus called ‘ વગડાઉ ટીટોડી ‘ - Vagdau Titodi in Gujarati language. They are unmistakably stand out with their black cap and bright yellow fleshy lappets. Usually they are less noisy than Red-wattled Lapwing, so we mostly notice them during their breeding season- chiefly April to July. Like other lapwings and plovers, they are ground birds, laid eggs on ground. Although its nest is look like just a collection of tiny pebbles and scrape, but this lapwing disguise their nest so carefully that only experienced birder can hope to find it. We observe this lapwing in one of the canal visit. Pair of them become instantly became alert when we stopped by. We understand presence of their chicks which are just beside the road highly camouflaged within scrub. There are two of them. Chicks looks too fragile and

Spotted Sandgrouse

Spotted Sandgrouse was seen in Gujarat after many years. We want to click the Spotted Sandgrouse so we planned out trip to Kutch. We click many lifer on 25 January which include the Grey Hypocolius, Red-tailed Wheatear, Sociable Lapwing and Stoclizka’s Bushchat. Next day we kept for the Spotted Sandgrouse and Cream-colored Coursed. We stared our journey early morning with Nirav Pomal and Ashu Gohil. We try to search for the Spotted Sandgrouse but did not succeed. So we went to search for Greater Hoopoe Lark. While searching for that our car get puncture. It’s take almost 1 hr to restore. After that we start our search for our today’s target. While searching Nirav Pomal saw two Cream-colored Coursed on road and we immediate stop the vehicle and click some images. It was not allowed us to get down and click the ground level shot. But we happy after getting them because that was the lifer of the day and one of species for we are looking. After doing photography of course we start our se