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Red naped Ibis - preying on squirrel

One evening we heard shrill calls of squirrel, so we went outside to see why it give call. When we went outside, we saw that a Common Myna poaching the baby squirrel. Baby squirrel is still alive, one adult squirrel was nearby trying save baby and making loud calls. We just rush back inside our house to fetch camera. Meantime the Red-naped Ibis took charge of baby squirrel from Common Myna. Red-naped Ibis move little away, first its try kill the baby squirrel by the thudding it on ground many times. Once the baby is immobile, it’s adjust the prey in its long beak and swallow it in fraction of second. You can see video on following link :    GMERS Medical College, Dharpur, Patan, Gujarat, India 29 th  June 2018   Previous                                                                                                                                                                                             Next .

Pied Cuckoo

It is also known as Jacobin cuckoo or Pied crested cuckoo ( Clamator jacobinus ). It is a member of the cuckoo family. Pied cuckoo is a medium-sized, slim black and white cuckoo as its name indicate. The distinctive crest, white wing patch on the black wing and the pattern make it unmistakable even in flight. But what gave out its presence without even seeing it, is its ringing series of whistling call. They are very vocal during the breeding season. We generally observed these birds in pairs or in group of 3 to 4. They call from prominent perches and chase each other with low-level flight in slow wing-beats, mostly hunting near the ground level. We witnessed babblers, myna, and crows sometime trying to drive them away as the species is a brood parasite. Here in Gujarat Pied cuckoo locally known as the Chataka (Gujarati: ચાતક ). It has been said to be migrates between Africa and India. Pied cuckoo arrives in Gujarat in late summer, mostly in end of the May. Arrival of Pied cu