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Indian Peafowl

  Previous                                                                                                                                                                                   Next Indian Peafowl                Indian Peafowl is national bird of India. It is one of the beautiful birds of India. Particular male Peafowl are best known for the extravagant display of feathers.  We have Nikon D7100 and 300 mm prime lens so we never get chance to get full frame image of Indian Peafowl. We either get close-up or some part of this bird. We frequently visited Indroda Nature Park situated at Gandhinagar because it is one of the favorite places for my daughter. We went there early morning on working day as on weekend park is usually full of people. When we enter into the park on one side Indian Peafowl male perched on branch and it little far away so it will fully come under my lens.. It was monsoon season so Peafowl produces loud calls and park was covered with beau

Sykes's Nightjar

  Previous                                                                                                                                                                                          Next  Sykes's Nightjar That afternoon we planned to visit Nalsarovar Bird sanctuary. When we were just passing by Becharaji, we got call from our friend from LRK. He informed us there are good number of Macqueen Bustard visible in LRK, and advise to visit that place as soon as possible. We dropout our plan for Nalsarovar and start our drive towards LRK. We saw around 6-8 MacQueen's Bustard. While we started our return journey, we chase a Desert Hare and take ground level shots of several Sandgrouse .Finally it is too late we were unable to do any more photography because of low light. And it was just late enough to get Nightjar roosting on road. We can only able to spot Nightjar due to bright reflective eye-shine in the spot of our vehicle’s headlights. We confused many

Flying Buck

Previous                                                                                                                                                                     Next            From long time me and my friend Sagar Soni want to take wonderful image of Blackbuck. So one day we decided to visit Kanjari village, outskirts of the Ahmedabad, which is famous for Blackbuck. We reach little early in morning, we did not see even a single blackbuck there. We thought what happen where they are but with sunrise we saw around hundreds of blackbucks. They are very far from the road. We waited around 30 minutes in hope that they might be come close to us but they did not. Then we try to approach them, after few meter we lie down and take few lovely shots. After some time dogs started to chase these Bucks and we get their flying shots.

Indian Wolf

   Previous                                                                                                                                       Next                                                        Indian Wolf ( Canis lupus pallipes ) We went to Little Rann of Kutch for Birding in November. While entering in to the rann we find Red-necked Falcone sitting in shadow of a tree. We take few snaps of this wonderful bird. Then we started wandering further deep in to the rann. Suddenly we locate one mammal running in to the rann. We start looking for its activity. After some time it starts running, we tried to follow its lead for quite long distance, but it did not stop and disappears in Prosopis juliflora (Gando Baval) bushes. It was an Indian Wolf. We leave the place with pleasant surprise and start looking for something different which was waiting for us in LRK. While returning when we think about event of the day it is Indian Wolf. Indian Wolf is also known as ‘ ન।ર ’ o

Jungle Nightjar

Jungle Nightjar (2014) When we start our birding we want to see the Nightjar. Nightjars are usually very difficult to locate because of their supreme camouflage. Plenty of time we come across Nightjar in our night journey, but never got chance to photograph it. First time we get this chance at Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. It was our third visit to Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. We try to visit Gir Wildlife Sanctuary almost every year because it is our daughter’s one of the favourite place. It was our 9pm to 12pm safari. Our guide was surprisingly well acquainted with many birds. So we did good birding with him. We were passing by a beautiful water stream, and suddenly saw a Jungle Nightjar resting on a lower branch of tree in broad daylight. It was resting quietly with eyes closed. Indian nightjar sat still on the perch, concealed by its plumage; it is then difficult to detect, blending in with the patterns of the tree branch. We saw again same nightjar resting in same branch agai

Ultimate killing machine... Robber fly with Housefly kill...

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Common Kingfisher

Previous                                                                                                                                      Next  Common Kingfisher - male Common Kingfisher is one of my favourite bird to photograph. Polo ( પોળો) forest always give me space to capture this beauty in  camera. Whenever I visit the Polo forest I found them. In the summer time Polo is more attractive than winter for us. It give few different bird and as due to summer they seen more compare to winter when they are difficult to locate. At that time we sight this beauty seating n preening. I saw many time them same place same perch.